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Erica Cavaluzzi
Registered Dental Hygienist specialized in oral myofunctional therapy

Erica Cavaluzzi is a registered dental hygienist with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Pennsylvania College of Technology. Caring for patients since 2005, she is focused on full-body wellness with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention. An “ultimate health journey” for herself, her husband and her daughters sparked a strong interest and better understanding of the importance of proper facial, oral and airway development. As a result, she pursued education and training in oral myofunctional therapy with the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy in 2018. To broaden her expertise in pursuit of optimal patient care, she completed a mentorship with Sarah Hornsby through the MyoMentor program, engaged in coursework on functional breathing with Dr. Dan Hanson, and is a certified MyoMunchee provider. With a strong focus on interdisciplinary care, she is also an active member of the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry.

Erica started Facial Fitness and Well-being in 2019, a telehealth oral myofunctional therapy practice based in Northern Virginia. Serving individuals of all ages, Facial Fitness and Well-being offers a conventional, comprehensive oral myofunctional therapy program. Since each patient’s needs and goals differ, she also offers a la carte options to include habit elimination (thumb sucking, mouth breathing), pre and post frenectomy care to optimize treatment results, and a “Collaboration Quarterback” program in which she simply provides assistance to those in need of assembling and managing a dynamic healthcare team aimed at optimal guided growth. No matter the client’s goal, Erica’s passion and committment is to guide them to achieve success in their health journey.

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"Healthy bodies start with a healthy, well-functioning mouth."
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