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Introducing BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. to Manage Sleep Disorders

Managing sleep-related breathing disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), presents a significant healthcare challenge. BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. is a new, promising solution, offering a novel approach grounded in multimodal data analysis. 

Since the field of sleep disorders is often characterized by complex diagnostic procedures and fragmented treatments, BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. seeks to streamline assessing and managing these conditions. 


BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. is an AI-driven online platform designed to predict and comprehensively analyze sleep-related breathing disorders. This innovative tool incorporates diverse data sources to assess the presence of such disorders and explore their underlying causes. Notably, it caters to individuals from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

Sleep Disorder Prediction 

It employs sophisticated algorithms to identify potential sleep-related breathing issues by analyzing data such as multi-night breathing patterns, dental and facial features, and oral health factors that may affect sleep. 

Causal Understanding 

Beyond detection, the platform seeks to elucidate the root causes of these problems, examining aspects like craniofacial structure, airway integrity, and oral pathologies that impact respiratory health and sleep quality. 

Remote Accessibility 

A distinctive feature of BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. is its accessibility via the internet, facilitating usage by healthcare professionals worldwide. This inclusivity enhances healthcare equity, extending benefits to diverse populations, underserved communities, individuals with comorbidities, and even pediatric patients.

What Are the Benefits of BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE.? 

BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. is poised to reshape the landscape of sleep disorder management by providing the following remarkable benefits: 

1. Early Screening and Prevention 

With BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE., early screening for sleep disorders becomes more accessible through telehealth. Identifying sleep issues in their early stages allows professionals to implement proactive prevention measures. 

Unlike standard sleep studies that may have limitations in accessibility and coverage, our solution enables state-of-the-art Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring over multiple nights. The extended monitoring period enhances the accuracy of diagnosis and enables early intervention. 

2. Multimodal Diversity Data 

One of the strengths of BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. is its ability to capture data from multiple sources and cater to diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as underserved communities. The wealth of data allows for superior clinical decision support and personalized treatment strategies. 

By understanding the unique needs of different populations, healthcare professionals can tailor treatment plans for better long-term health outcomes. 

3. Inclusion of Vulnerable Populations 

Unlike many Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) devices that exclude children and patients with comorbid conditions, our multimodal screening solution covers these vulnerable populations. For kids, it assesses oro-dental conditions and craniofacial growth and development, enabling early intervention and non-invasive treatment methods. 

The technology recognizes the importance of craniofacial profiles in sleep disorders, which can help prevent lifelong morbidity and mortality associated with OSA. Moreover, it mitigates the risk of interrelated health problems such as oro-dental, craniofacial, postural, behavioral, cardiovascular, and metabolic disorders. 

4. Improved Diagnosis for Chronic Diseases 

BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. offers real-time analysis of independent oro-dental and craniofacial data in conjunction with other clinical findings, including cardiorespiratory and sleep measurements. This capability extends its utility to populations suffering from chronic diseases, particularly cardiovascular patients. 

Given the overlapping symptoms between sleep disorders and certain chronic conditions, such as heart disease, our solution aids in more accurate and timely diagnoses. This, in turn, facilitates targeted interventions and improved management of comorbidities. 

5. Non-Invasive and Radiation-Free 

The non-invasive, radiation-free nature of BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. ensures patient safety and comfort. Patients can undergo assessments with peace of mind, free from the potential risks associated with invasive diagnostic methods. 

This approach also enhances the overall patient experience and supports broader accessibility to sleep disorder screening, particularly among individuals concerned about radiation exposure. 

6. Multimodal Diversity Data Approach 

The multimodal diversity data approach of BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. enhances clinical evaluation by providing a more comprehensive view of a patient’s condition. This approach outperforms existing sleep screening and home sleep study solutions by incorporating a wide range of data sources. 

Additionally, it can complement existing HSATs and in-lab sleep studies, augmenting their diagnostic power with meaningful multimodal diversity data.

Want to Learn More About BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. Technology? 

If you’re grappling with sleep-related breathing disorders and interested in leveraging the benefits of BREATH. SLEEP. SMILE. for enhanced diagnosis and personalized treatment strategies, we encourage you to reach out to a healthcare provider or sleep specialist. 

Connect with our team at Sunrise Orthodontics and Airway and Sleep Group today and explore the possibilities.

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