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Goal Oriented Treatment with Corticotomy Facilitated Orthodontics

Orthodontics, Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy
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Dental arch crowding is one of the most common forms of malocclusions. Most orthodontic treatment plans require a year or more of treatment and are not guaranteed to last. Corticotomy Facilitated Orthodontics is a means for rapid tooth movement that significantly accelerates orthodontic treatment.

A corticotomy is an aggressive and invasive surgical procedure that shortens orthodontic treatment time by bone remodeling. A bone graft is placed and facilitates tooth movement to areas where bone was previously absent. There is immediate tooth movement and it is twice as much and twice as fast as traditional orthodontic treatment.

You can benefit from a corticotomy if you suffer from dental arch crowding and need more space for your teeth and tongue. If you do not want to suffer through a year or more of orthodontic treatment, and you want stable, long lasting results, a corticotomy might be the right treatment plan for you.

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