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If your orthodontist wants to remove molars, think again

Craniofacial Orthopedics, Interceptive Orthodontics
Young woman having her braces examined

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Are you from the premolar extraction generation? These are patients that had teeth removed before orthodontic treatment and are now in their late 50’s. They are finding that they can’t breathe due to lack of tongue space and have sleep apnea. Retracting (pulling back) the teeth make a smaller “container” for the tongue.

The tongue is then forced backward and can block the throat, making the person a mouth breather; in this case, the tongue sits on top of the bottom teeth, allowing them to re-crowd even years after the braces come off.  

What can you do if your dentist or orthodontist says you should have teeth removed to make space?

Get a second opinion.  Your dentist or orthodontist is absolutely recommending the best treatment he/she knows to provide. That doesn’t always mean it’s the best treatment option available! Airway & Sleep Group corrects the shape and functionality of your mouth, tongue, jaw and bite with craniofacial orthopedics and by selecting the state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment best suited to achieve the perfect smile for you. You will not only have the most aesthetically pleasing smile to suit your face, but will enjoy quality sleep and improve your overall health.

Craniofacial orthopedics and orthodontics are effective solutions for modifying your airway and treating sleep apnea by changing the shape, size and relationship of the bones in the jaw and face and creating enough space in your mouth for your tongue to relax naturally during sleep. 

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If your dentist or orthodontist says your child should have teeth removed to make space, know that there are other options available. Learn more here:

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