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In Search of Peace, Not Weapons

Peace for all Nations.

The Want and Need for Peace

March 1, 2022 | By Mary Jeanne Cincotta

In being witness to the current state of affairs between Russia and Ukraine, it’s difficult to comprehend how the human race could get so far from the ideals of peacefully living on Earth together. Isn’t the search for a peaceful existence the reason why human beings do anything at all? Why someone may seek a new job? Move to a different place? Buy or sell? 

A peaceful existence is a big motivator for humans to completely change their way of life. And people make changes in search of this happiness. They relocate and they look for a place with resources. They try to attain citizenship of countries that manage their resources well.

But now, governments today make decisions with the resources and wealth we’ve produced to do things their citizens disagree with. And making weapons is my Item number 1. The 5,550 of the US’ nuclear weapons (2) stockpiled could scorch the Earth vaporizing anything in sight over half a mile in all directions one bomb at a time. It would then cause a nuclear winter and starvation for all the humans that are left.

Nuclear weapons are example number 1 of a waste of Earth’s resources. It’s a waste to make them and a waste to use them. And no one should be threatening other countries with weapons, nuclear or otherwise, to lay hold on its resources. We’re all human beings — come to an agreement about what is fair and we can trade and play nicely. 

But, were our governments playing nice? Russia probably felt isolated as NATO built a club formed strictly to counter against it in event of an attack. (3) Are we not threatening Russia ourselves by NATO’s existence? Or is the US just hoping that all of NATO can buy its weapons? You would think that they’d be too fed up with us for funding the research for COVID-19. (4) I don’t think the world was a fan of this weapon, either. 

The government says they’re “protecting our freedoms,” but they’re only protecting an industry. Let us make something else (5) besides guns and provide peace for all.

This blog was sponsored by Airway and Sleep Group which would like to promote Peace and Respect to all nations — and at this moment in time — peace to Russia and Ukraine. Everyone is the same, we all deserve peace, opportunity, and prosperity, under each nation on earth. No more weapons!






5. Why not dig up Nikola Tesla’s files the CIA confiscated and provide free energy for all by harnessing the power of Earth’s electromagnetic field?  Solve problems. Keep the peace.,hotel%20room%203327%20in%201943.&text=The%20team%20heads%20to%20Colorado,the%20remains%20of%20Tesla’s%20laboratory.

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