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Early diagnosis of Temporomandibular Joint disorders with Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive Orthodontics
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Get ahead of potential bite and alignment problems, like Temporomandibular Joint Disorders by getting orthodontic treatment early for your children. Make future treatments more effective and efficient by getting an early diagnosis. This early diagnosis and treatment is also called interceptive orthodontics. When your child is seen early, while their bones and jaw are developing, orthodontists can assess future problems and recommend courses of action to prevent or mitigate them.

Early interceptive orthodontics can be broken into two phases: the first phase during childhood and the second phase when your child hits their teenage years. 

Some recommended orthodontic treatments include oral appliances. One such appliance is a palatal expander. This appliance gradually widens the upper jaw to create more space in a child’s mouth so that the upper and lower jaws will fit together better and teeth will not be crowded. Oral appliances can also be used to help create or improve facial symmetry or bite, and correct potential issues that could affect your child’s speech.

Particular issues you’ll want to get an early diagnosis on are temporomandibular joint disorders, commonly called TMJ. These disorders creates pain and discomfort, along with compromised movement of the jaw joint and its surrounding muscles. Symptoms can include pain and tenderness at the jawbone or pain in the ears, difficult or painful chewing, and a clicking or locking of the jaw joint itself.

At Airway & Sleep Group, we are glad to provide a consultation of your child’s current dental health and inform you of potential interceptive orthodontic treatments.

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