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Introducing iNAP® Sleep Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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What Is iNap?

There’s a new patient-centered treatment to help anyone with mild to severe sleep apnea a patient-centered and user-friendly solution for comfortable, restful sleep: iNAP®.

How iNAP Works

iNAP creates intermittent negative airway pressure, reducing and nearly eliminating sleep apnea symptoms by keeping the airway open, allowing patients to breathe naturally and sleep peacefully. During sleep, iNAP delivers a gentle suction inside the oral cavity that moves the soft tissues forward and stabilizes the tongue away from the airway. Simply insert the latex-free interface at bedtime and click the power button. See a demonstration in this video:

The iNAP device is compact, light, and portable — it’s about the size of a smartphone with twice the thickness. It also requires the oral interface and tubing set, a saliva container (6”x3.1”x1.4”), and dry pads. It’s available by prescription through your specialist at Airway and Sleep Group.

Produced by Somnics, iNAP is touted as “the most comfortable sleep apnea solution” available. There’s no mask or headgear, the device is portable, and the pressure is adjustable with an optional prescription device. No humidification is needed. However, those using it must breathe well through their nose at night.

Patients can download the iNAP Lab+ app and pair it with their iNAP One® device to monitor their treatment. Information collected from the iNAP console can help evaluate usage and treatment data.

Who Is a Candidate for iNAP?

You may be an iNAP candidate if you’ve been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Speak with your sleep physician at Airway & Sleep to learn if this treatment is right for you. In clinical studies, it was effective for patients with mild, moderate, and severe OSA, but it may not work for all patients.

The ability to breathe through the nose is essential for this treatment, as the oral interface seals the mouth, tongue, and soft palate during use. However, it does not interfere with braces or Invisalign® aligners. It may also be helpful for mild teeth grinding and bruxism.

Limitations of iNAP

Certain limitations may preclude the use of this therapy by some patients, including:

  • Soft tissue removal surgery patients (UPPP) may not be able to achieve a stable vacuum
  • Severe nasal congestion or obstruction from colds or allergies
  • Mouth breathing
  • Extraoral tissue may need deeper negative pressure
  • Hypoglossal nerve stimulator (Inspire©) patients
  • Central Sleep Apnea (CSA), a neurologic condition that cannot be treated with EAP

Will Insurance Cover iNap?

The FDA cleared iNAP in May 2020. It has since been approved for prescription by all 50 states. Although iNAP is eligible for coverage for those whose employers offer HSA/FSA benefits, insurance isn’t yet covering the treatment. Thankfully, two options are available to help patients who have to pay out of pocket:

  1. The iNAP Club Membership: Resupplies are sent quarterly, with free shipping. A three-month trial is required, after which the patient can cancel anytime.  Learn more at
  2. The iNAP Ownership Program (out-of-pocket purchase pricing): Patients can use the device for up to three months, and if they return it, they’ll be reimbursed the total price minus a $250 restocking fee. The ownership program provides supplies for three months, and additional supplies are available for purchase directly from the website at

Somnics is currently working with commercial and federal insurance carriers such as Medicare to establish coverage and reimbursement for this new therapy and its supplies.

Airway & Sleep Group

If you’ve been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and wish for better sleep, solutions are available. And Airway & Sleep Group is here to help. Our physicians diagnose and treat sleep disorders and airway obstruction to help our patients improve their quality of life.

To learn more about iNAP and to schedule your in-person or virtual appointment with Airway & Sleep Group in Northern Virginia, please contact us at (571) 244-7329 or complete our convenient online contact form

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