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MLS Laser Therapy for TMJ

Advanced Digital Technology Aids in Orthodontic Treatments, Treating Temporomandibular Dysfunction
MLS Laser Therapy

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MLS Laser Therapy for TMJ

Airway and Sleep Group offers an easier way to treat TMJ pain—MLS Laser Therapy. Medical News Today states that around 12 percent of people in the United States experience TMJ disorders at any one time. Nine to 1, women experience more severe pain and restricted jaw movement than men. Though custom-made splints, physical therapy and surgery are some of the ways to permanently get rid of jaw pain, MLS Laser Therapy treatments are uniquely designed to facilitate healing and reduce inflammation at the cellular level.

MLS Laser Therapy treatments

The MLS Laser is truly magnificent at what it does. Patients love this form of therapy because it is non-invasive and painless. It treats symptoms associated with TMJ dysfunction, such as craniofacial pain, inflammation, and muscular pain.

By using a color touch-screen software interface, the MLS Laser accelerates healing, speeds tissue repair, and stimulates the growth of new cells. MLS Laser Therapy is a fast, easy, and effective way to manage TMJ pain.  Because it uses synchronized continuous and pulsed wavelengths, its results are magnified. Because the energy from the laser stops inflammation from happening, it allows the cells to begin the healing process immediately.

Airway and Sleep Group uses this patented, FDA-cleared technology because it has an 85% – 90% efficacy rate in relieving pain and inflammation. MLS Laser Therapy eliminates risk from surgery and prescription pain killers, has no negative side effects, and alleviates patients’ jaw pain. It’s also quick and painless, and immediately effective in some cases. As an added benefit, a typical session only lasts 15 minutes. The technology works by stimulating cell regeneration. This causes an increase in blood flow to the treatment area, which decreases inflammation and pain.

Diagnosing TMJ

MLS Therapy Laser treatments allow doctors like Dr. Liliana Calkins of Airway and Sleep Group to finish cases faster, prescribe less medication, and restore patients’ lives. Schedule a consultation to determine your medical diagnosis. Dr. Liliana Calkins looks at joint history, orthodontic history, pain history, and trauma history to determine whether MLS Therapy Laser treatments are right for you.

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