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New App to achieve the best postural habits for optimum face and airway development

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
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There is now an app to help kids (ideally from 4 to 18 years old) achieve the best postural habits for optimum face and airway development resulting in long-term health.

The GOPex program, Good Oral Posture exercises is a regimen that can help guide children to acquire the habits that will foster excellent facial and jaw development and in turn allowing them to achieve their full genetic potential with large attractive jaws, healthy airway and a full (including Wisdom teeth) set of 32 straight and stable adult teeth.

Human biology explains that pressure stimulates bone cells to grow. We know that astronauts that travel into space lose precious bone cells due to the lack of pressure from gravity. In the same way, when our muscles do not have good tone and are not exercised properly they will not exert the weight that bones need to maintain their optimal shape.

By understanding this principle Forwardontics developed GOPex to help our muscles through changing modern habits. A series of simple exercises can be incorporated into daily activities to train the muscles to hold the posture with the adequate tonicity to apply weight to the cells and in turn allow the maximum growth of the facial structures.

GOPex app works by allowing users to send videos performing postural exercises: chewing, counting or reading. Each video users send will be reviewed by the GOPex app which will provide 90 days of guidance and feedback for improvement.

Incredible results will be observed in 30 days, but the goal is to make good posture a lifetime habit. GOPex utilizes brain plasticity to re-set children’s resting posture for growing healthier and preventing chronic disease.

Application will be active for 90 days, but long-term subscription membership can be requested for continuing maintenance.

Airway and Sleep Group understands that airway development exercises can teach children (and adults) to breath in a way that will help them develop proper nasal respiration, which allows the air to enter the body in the healthiest most efficient way.

Take advantage of Airway and Sleep Group one-on-one expertise in orofacial myology to create a healthier more attractive you. Better muscle tone and improving the quality of your rest will be noticeable in many aspects of your health, both on your looks as well as in the way you feel. Call us at (571) 244-7329.

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