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New Ways of Practicing Oral Health in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 Operating Procedures
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Last year, many dental practitioners were forced to temporarily close in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. Now as the state enacts Forward Virginia, also known as Virginia’s phased-approach for reopening businesses, dental practitioners are making sure their policies and procedures align with the current state restrictions. Our team at Airway and Sleep Group and dentists around the world are using more protective procedures and equipment while finding better alternatives to ensuring our community receives dental care, especially for emergencies.

While continuing oral and orthodontic care during lockdowns and social distancing guidelines is a challenge many dentists face, Airway and Sleep Group remains current on the guidelines and will adjust our procedures as necessary to ensure we keep our team and our patients safe. Our family-friendly dental practice is offering additional screenings prior to a patient’s appointment time, no patient appointment overlaps, an office layout that adheres to social distancing guidelines, and much more. Read our previous blog to learn more about our COVID-19 Best Practices.

Here’s also what some dental practitioners are doing to bring dental care to their communities while making sure everyone remains safe:

Mobile Dentistries

Dental practitioners are finding innovative ways to make dental care more accessible to their communities by going “mobile”, or becoming mobile dental clinics that provide standard procedures. Dental tools and other medical equipment used during a mobile visit are all HIPAA compliant.

While the purpose of a mobile dentist is to physically bring dental professionals to their patients, it also comes with its many advantages as well, such as increased privacy and comfort for patients.

Not to mention, it offers more flexibility for those who aren’t able to physically visit the dentist, like residents who live in assisted living, retirement communities, and rehabilitation centers.


Similar to mobile dentists, the purpose of telemedicine is to improve accessibility. Telemedicine allows dentists to meet with their patients in real-time without risking infection.

The benefits of telemedicine include eliminating the commute to the practice, helping people save on transportation costs, and minimizing time spent away from work, school, and other daily activities.

Telemedicine appointments are available at Airway and Sleep Group to enable patients to acquire advice and treatment without physical face-to-face interaction. And if a physical face-to-face appointment is necessary, Airway and Sleep Group organizes each physical meeting using a limited time at the office per patient.

Choose A Family-Friendly Dental Practice in Reston, VA

As we continue to provide safe dental care procedures, we ask that our patients adhere to the CDC guidelines to ensure we are all doing everything we can to limit the spread of the virus. Come visit our professional orthodontic practice for your next routine checkup!

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