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Resolving Issues Stemming from Improper Orthodontic Treatment

resolving improper orthodontic treatment

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The combination of clear aligners and HFV or MOPs can resolve a variety of issues associated with previous botched orthodontic treatments by achieving maxillary growth and palatal expansion. These treatments have shown to be proven effective in treating temporomandibular disorders that may occur after improper orthodontic treatment.
Case Studies of Dr. Ben Miraglia showed that expansive orthopedic and orthodontic techniques can solve a variety of issues that came about after improper orthodontic treatments.
The combination of palatal expansion, clear aligners and HFV or MOPs resolved issues like
• temporomandibular disorders.
• headaches and jaw pain.
• intermittent jaw locking
• improper arch width
• narrow deficient smile
• and crowded malocclusion
Airway and Sleep Group employs the latest technologies and orthodontic treatments that will help meet patient demands for a shorter orthodontic experience without sacrificing the quality care. Micro-osteoperforation (MOPs) deliver results quickly and with fewer office visits, accelerating the rate of orthodontic tooth movement by up to 62%. MOPs can even improve patient outcomes with greater clinical predictability.
With a small perforation near the difficult tooth movement, MOPs stimulate the maximum biological response1 while remaining microinvasive and palatable to the patient.
High-frequency vibration (HFV) with VPro is another advancement in orthodontic treatment. Patients only need to use the VPro device for just five minutes per day. This therapy has also been shown to reduce treatment time by up to 64%.
These two therapies combined with aligner therapy and palatal expansion reduce treatment discomfort, increase case predictability, optimize aligner seating, and reduce the need for additional refinement aligners. Patient comfort is key to a good treatment experience and often helps with compliance and engagement in the treatment. Five minutes of “soft pulsation” per day has been shown to reduce orthodontic discomfort by releasing the pain receptors that reduce inflammatory pressure.
If you or your loved one experience feelings of discomfort after recently completing orthodontic treatment, contact Airway and Sleep Group to schedule a comprehensive diagnostic consultation at

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