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The Wilckodontics® system—a periodontal bone activation technique

Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy
Wilckodontics System

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The Wilckodontics® system is an orthodontic procedure designed to move teeth very rapidly that considers individuals medullary bone state and tooth in gums positioning.

Why Wilckodontics®?

Your orthodontist may be considering to use the Wilckodontics surgical procedure for any one of the following reasons:

• when there is a lack of medullary bone with a a good blood supply over the outside of the root surface
• when the root of the tooth is exposed due to gum recession following a previous orthodontic treatment and requires free gum grafting to replenish the gums
• when gum shrinkage occurs due to poor oral hygiene or overlapping teeth being straightened and there is an absence of gums separating the teeth
• when a patient has an overly gummy smile and extra gums need to be removed prior to or after orthodontic treatment
• when a patient has signs of root resorption, when roots of the teeth may tend to resorb faster than the bone around them making it less accommodating to tooth movement
• when overlapping teeth are being expanded within the arch (pushed toward the outside of the arch) to eliminate the overcrowding

What is The Wilckodontics® system?

The Wilckodontics® system allows safe and rapid movement of the teeth and to achieve a stable aesthetic result. It facilitates the movement of the roots of the teeth through the surrounding bone using a periodontal bone activation technique.

During an orthodontic treatment, the bone support over the inside and outside surfaces of the root is being maintained by the proper coordination of the removal of old bone and the formation of new bone to take its place. This, however, does not happen as predictably as one would hope, especially if a tooth is being moved more than just a minimal distance.

Often at the completion of the orthodontic therapy, bone has been lost over the prominences of the roots, especially over the surface of the root that faces the direction in which the tooth has been moved. To lessen the impact of this likelihood, this periodontal bone activation technique creates a situation in which new bone can form over the prominences of the roots following the completion of the orthodontic work. This can be accomplished by placing various bone grafting materials over the prominences of the roots that, in time, converts to the patient’s own natural bone encouraging bone regeneration.

The benefits of The Wilckodontics® system

By trying to ensure adequate bone support for the roots of the teeth following orthodontic work, it is hoped it will increase the long-term stability of the finished case and lessen the likelihood of severe gum recession.

With the Wilckodontics® system, emphasis is placed on the quality of the completed case. By activating the bone, there is a temporary decrease in the hardness of the bone and an increase in cellular activity within the bone. This lessens the likelihood of substantial root resorption, especially in adults, where the bone is typically less vital than in adolescents. Consequently, the teeth can be moved through the bone both rapidly and safely. Bone grafting is performed in conjunction with the bone activation to strive to maintain the integrity of the jaws.

Is a periodontal bone activation technique right for you?

The Wilckodontics® system was designed to move teeth very rapidly with the patient being seen approximately every two weeks while the number of adjustment appointments is still decreased in comparison to conventional orthodontics. It is applicable to the majority of orthodontic cases, but not all orthodontic cases. Contact Dr. Liliana Calkins at Airway and Sleep Group by calling (571) 244-7329 to determine if the Wilckodontics approach is appropriate to your situation.

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