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Your orthodontic consultation should include a comprehensive diagnosis

Craniofacial Orthopedics, Interceptive Orthodontics, Treating Temporomandibular Dysfunction
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Now that you have completed your orthodontic treatment, that your smile is perfect, you might wonder why your tongue still does not fit your mouth? Why do you keep snoring? Why did you develop tinnitus or temporomandibular joint pain during or after your orthodontic treatment?

Please consider that this might be the result of a “complimentary” consultation, in which you did not receive a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment plan or referrals for interdisciplinary care from your treating orthodontist. 

Airway and Sleep Group is focused on the realm of airway and sleep medicine in orthodontics. It is hard to see my profession missing the crucial steps of thorough diagnosis, a protocol that focuses not only on your teeth, but the impact of the adequate function of the craniofacial-respiratory system on your health. My consultations are not “complementary”, they however,  complement your health, and will more than satisfy your needs if quality of care is your paramount objective.

The lure of a “complimentary” consultation, can actually be against you as patient for the long-term results. I have read plenty of reports from my patients, who did not receive a diagnosis, treatment plan or radiology report read by a radiologist. All these parameters matter for your health. 

Our patients arrive at my care wearing appliances for Temporomandibular joint disorder that are not monitored, that are causing posterior open bite. Our outstanding specialty in Orthodontics needs to honor the services rendered to our patients for the betterment of their health at a comprehensive level.

When you come to Airway and Sleep Group you can expect your treatment to correct the shape and functionality of your mouth, tongue, jaw and bite by selecting the state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment best suited to achieve the perfect smile for you. We instruct patients on orofacial myofunctional therapy and treating temporomandibular dysfunction as well.

Call or text (571) 244-7329 to speak with Dr. Calkins for a consultation. Our specialists will keep your best interests in comprehensive oral health care, with quality of airway and sleep dental medicine in mind. 

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