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Morning Headache with Sleep Apnea

Listen to podcast here. Does your head ache when you awaken in the morning? Even though there are a variety of reasons this might be happening, you might be experiencing sleep apnea. One out of 13 people report that they…
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Awakening with a Dry Mouth or Sore Throat

If you are awakening with a dry mouth or sore throat, your sleeping habits could be to blame. You may be sleeping with your mouth open because of habit, clogged nasal passages, or another health condition. Or you could experience…
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Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

Listen to the podcast here. Do you or your partner experience loud snoring? Or do you stop breathing, gasp or choke during sleep, experience excessive restlessness at night, or feel overly sleepy during the day? You may have sleep apnea.…
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Excessive Daytime Sleepiness or Hypersomnia

Hypersomnia is a sleep disorder where individuals spend too much time sleeping during both the day and night.  They sleep an excessive amount during the day, yet are still tired at night and need a full night’s sleep. It is…
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