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How Thumb Sucking Can Alter Your Child’s Appearance

Listen to the podcast here. Does Your Child Suck Their Thumb? Some people find it adorable when a baby sucks their thumb. Although that’s a normal occurrence, the continuation of the habit into the toddler and elementary school years of…
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Doppler Auscultation to Diagnose TMJ

Listen to the podcast here. Airway and Sleep Group uses Doppler Auscultation because it is an effective screening tool to diagnose TMJ Health and disorders. Doppler Auscultation allows Dr. Lillana Calkins to listen to a patient’s joints by using a…
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MRI for Orthodontics in Children

Listen to the podcast here. MRI for Orthodontics in Children Magnetic Resonance 3D Imaging (MRI) helps orthodontists like Airway and Sleep Group predict changes in bony or soft tissues associated with treatment, over time. Orthodontic patients are generally children and…
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MLS Laser Therapy for TMJ

Listen to the podcast here. MLS Laser Therapy for TMJ Airway and Sleep Group offers an easier way to treat TMJ pain—MLS Laser Therapy. Medical News Today states that around 12 percent of people in the United States experience TMJ…
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Treating Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing

Sleep disordered breathing refers to a spectrum of sleep-related breathing abnormalities that include snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome, obstructive hypopnea syndrome, and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Twenty-five million adults in the US suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing and at times…
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Accelerated Orthodontics with MOPs

Faster, more predictable treatment with MOPs Airway and Sleep Group employs the latest technologies in accelerated orthodontics using High-frequency vibration, or Micro-osteoperforation (MOPs). This advanced orthodontic technique meets patient demands for a shorter orthodontic treatment without sacrificing the quality care.…
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Help Ensure a Safe Visit to Airway and Sleep Group

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our office has adopted effective precautions to minimize risks to our patients and care team members. We have limited our operating capacity to promote social distancing and require patients to wait until the…
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Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics—results that last

Listen to the podcast here. In a preliminary study of the Stability of the mandibular dental arch following periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics therapy (PAOO), it concluded that PAOO therapy resulted in significantly greater improvements during the orthodontic retention period, as…
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