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The Impact of Mouth Breathing on Oral & General Health

Listen to the podcast here. Did you know that solely breathing through your mouth during the day and/or at night can have significant impacts on your oral and general health? We are meant to be nose-breathers. Nose breathing gives you…
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New Ways of Practicing Oral Health in the Age of COVID-19

Listen to the podcast here. Last year, many dental practitioners were forced to temporarily close in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. Now as the state enacts Forward Virginia, also known as Virginia’s phased-approach for reopening businesses, dental practitioners…
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Tongue Ties and Mandibular Growth

Listen to the podcast here. Is your child living with a tongue-tie? The term for this is restricted lingual frenulum. This occurs when the tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth is thick and restrictive, resulting in…
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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is an important area of dentistry that everyone should get familiar with. It is a specialized form of dentistry that helps relieve and repair certain issues and abnormalities in a person’s tooth or among multiple teeth. Airway and Sleep…
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How Stress and Anxiety Can Cause TMJ/TMD Pain

Listen to the podcast here. Once you’ve found a reliable dentist’s office and signed your family up for it, won’t your dental problems vanish? Given the high-stress lifestyle that many of us lead, you may wish to put oral health…
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Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment (SFOT)

Listen to the podcast here. Many people have malocclusions and are unaware of the cause. A malocclusion is the imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed. An insufficient alveolar bone is a common find among patients with…
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Why Orthodontics for Adults?

Traditionally when we think about orthodontics, we think about kids whose permanent dentition is coming in and needs some correction or we think about teenagers with permanent dentition getting braces to fix their smile. Adults are usually hesitant to undergo…
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