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How Corrective Jaw Surgery Can Double the Size of Your Airway

Listen to the podcast here According to Ravi Agarwal, DDS, an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, patients often turn to corrective jaw surgery to correct irregularities in their jaw and teeth to improve chewing, speaking, and appearance. However, an additional condition that…
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Surgical Planning for Maxillofacial Surgery

D.M. is receiving the best treatment the Specialty of Maxillofacial Surgery has with the unparalleled kind care and unmatchable professionalism of Dr. Edward Zebovitz. Her health will improve enormously, as a result of an improved airway. View the surgical plans here:…
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Achieve Maxillary and Mid-facial Parallel Expansion with the MSE

Listen to the podcast here. By: MSE Creator Prof. Won Moon This excerpt was taken from:  In partnership with DB Orthodontics, MSE Creator Professor Won Moon presented The Moon Principles by Won: Evolution of Micro-Implants Supported Midfacial Skeletal Expander (MSE)…
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